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The biggest property turn offs!

The biggest property turn offs!

Ben Roberts

By Ben Roberts, Director

We all know the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but when it comes to viewing a property, first impressions certainly matter.

If you’re selling your property, you should be aware of some of the biggest viewing turn offs.

Structural defects

Potential buyers will be on the lookout for structural defects which can include cracks in the walls, weak foundations and faulty plumbing.

If you are aware of specific structural problems, you can repair the issues before listing the property for sale. Or if you want to avoid the cost, you should discuss any defects with potential buyers which could have an impact on the asking price.

Bad smells

If your house has a bad smell – it can be an instant turn off. Whether it’s odours from damp, smoking, pets or cooking, it’s important to realise that your property is being judged and these smells won’t help to present it in the best light.

Before a property viewing takes place, open windows to let in some fresh air and ventilate the property. Also consider using a neutral air freshener or room diffuser to create a homely environment.

Poor state of repair which isn’t listed on property details

If the property has a poor state of repairs that have not been declared on the property details, it can automatically be a massive turn off.

Along with the unexpected cost of having to repair the state of the property, the potential buyers may be frustrated that they were not made aware of the situation before viewing.

It’s best practice to be honest about the state of the property; you are more likely to get viewers who are open to investing in these repairs.

No parking

This can be a common turn off for potential buyers. Most families will have at least one vehicle that will need available parking and if your property doesn’t have a garage, driveway or designated space – it can be problematic.

If your property doesn’t have parking but does have a front garden, consider transforming the space into a driveway, subject to planning permission.

Dirty house

It’s strongly advised that your property is clean before a viewing takes place. If potential buyers are greeted by a dirty house, they will undoubtedly have a negative reaction to the property.

It doesn’t have to look like a show home but ensuring that rooms are clean and well-presented will show your property in a positive light. 

Unfinished or poor DIY

Unfinished or poor DIY projects can be a turn off for potential buyers as it doesn’t create a homely environment.

It indicates that work has been carried out incorrectly or half-heartedly which means potential buyers will be tasked with making repairs if they were to purchase the property.

If there are paint swatches on the walls or suspiciously wonky shelves, its best to complete the unfinished jobs and get an expert in to fix anything that has been poorly finished before viewings take place.

Poorly lit rooms

This is another property turn off which you may not initially think of. Entering a poorly lit room can feel unwelcoming and it doesn’t show the room off to its full potential.

If your property has rooms which don’t receive much natural light, try placing mirrors to reflect the light and add light fixtures without shades.

Cluttered and untidy rooms

Clutter can make a property look untidy and small. It can be a big turn off for a potential buyer if they’re struggling to enter a room because of clutter or they can’t see the room’s features properly.

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